Argan oil, an ally for your beauty

Much has been said about argan oil in recent years. Many brands have emerged and with them, a feeling that this oil is a panacea that heals everything. In addition, products in expensive packaging mix the consumer's mind since the pure and effective argan is only one, and necessarily has nothing to do with a luxurious package. So here we help you to know more about the authentic argan oil from Morocco, its properties and why adopting it in your habits of beauty and personal care may be a very good decision.

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is only one: it´s an oil extracted from a tree called Argania Spinosa, typical of the semi-deserts of southwestern Morocco (Agadir and Essaouira, for example) and the province of Tindouf (Algeria). Argan is like an almond, very rich in vitamin E and its composition is 80% of essential fatty acids. The oil is a result of the pressure of the almonds. The first pressure is the richest. It is an oil that is used in Moroccan gastronomy, as well as medicine, cosmetics, and even fuel.

Is the argan tree cultivated in other countries?

No. Argan is a tree exclusively native to that area of the Maghreb, which depends on the particularities of that climate to live between 150-200 years. With the environmental imbalance and the overconsumption of argan, it is estimated that its natural area of cultivation was reduced by 50% in the last century. To try to make a more sustainable use of this resource, in 1998 Unesco declared the Arganeraie, an area of 2.5 million hectares to the south-west of Morocco in which Argan grows, as a Biosphere Reserve. In addition, in 2014 Unesco also declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity all the knowledge and practices related to Argan.

Why should I use argan oil in my beauty rituals?

For several reasons, but first of all, it is necessary to keep in mind that the argan oil that best and most lasting effect will have is that one which comes from first pressure; is 100% pure, without mixtures (sometimes argan oil is supplemented with palm or olive oil, so eyes open!) and grown without pesticides, like the one we sell in our store.

The benefits of argan oil for nails, skin and hair are huge. This Moroccan oil is one that contains the highest levels of tocopherols (about 600 mg / kg), which makes it very resistant to oxidation. It is almost three times more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. So it contains great antioxidant properties and is able to neutralize free radicals, protecting the skin from external aggressions. The great presence of oleic and linoleic acids favors the restoration of the lipid layer of the skin, which means more skin and anti-aging protection.

Can I use argan oil if my skin suffers from acne, dermatitis or psoriasis? 

Yes, and its use is supported by scientific studies. Argan oil is very often used as a natural and effective antiseptic for skin conditions that annoy millions of people around the world, such as psoriasis, and problems like acne or overly sensitive skin.

The main benefits of argan oil for beauty and cosmetics are:

  • It is a powerful anti-aging cosmetic

  • It is antiseptic

  • It is fungicide

  • Relieves sunburn

  • Relieves dermatological diseases such as neurodermitis and psoriasis

  • Smoothes, hydrates, oxygenates and brings shine to skin and hair

  • Restructures, strengthens and hardens nails

So remember that the most recommended argan oil does not necessarily have to do with a luxurious packaging, but with its origin and pure composition, without mixtures. The purest argan oil has a soft, NO-TOASTED smell, and its color is a light gold - for this reason, they call it the "liquid gold of Morocco". Remember that you find it in my store, here.